“KOTINOS 2016”

The Hellenic Olive Oil Society “FILEOS”, a non-profit legal entity based in Athens, is organizing in March 2016 the KOTINOS 2016 International Olive Oil Competition for  packed branded extra virgin olive oils of the current crop year 2015/16.

FILEOS was set up by individuals involved in the olive oil sector and also by members of the scientific and culinary community with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the great value of olive oil. It was set up in order to serve among else the goal of improving, safeguarding and promoting the quality of olive oil and mainly the quality of extra virgin olive oil. The KOTINOS 2016 International Olive Oil Competition is one of the key tools for fulfilling this goal. 

The closing date for registration and presentation of the samples to the Secretariat of FILEOS shall be the 26th February 2016.

The participation fee amounts to 100 euros per brand name of extra virgin olive oil entering the competition.

The samples at the final stage of the competition will be assessed by a jury comprised of top-level, highly experienced and world-known tasters, according to the procedure provided for the IOC Mario Solinas Quality Award, in order to be ranked, starting from the sample with the highest score, for the competition prizes.

The members of the Sensory Evaluation Committee are the following:

  • Efi Christopoulou
  • Maria Lazaraki
  • Juan Ramón Izquierdo
  • Dieter Oberg
  • Ana Helena Alegre
  • Aliki Gali
  • Vasilis Kamvisis
  • Helen Barbopoulou
  • Eleftheria Germanaki
  • Renia Siganou
  • Efstratia Kouzoumi
  • John Poulos

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