International Olive Oil Competition KOTINOS Regulation

International Olive Oil Competition IOOC KOTINOS 2018



In order to promote high-quality extra virgin olive oils and disseminate information about their specific characteristics, the Olive Oil Scientific Society “FILAIOS", in cooperation with and the support of other institutional bodies of the olive sector, organizes the ‘‘KOTINOS 2018’’ Quality Competition for packed branded extra virgin olive oils.

The main goals of the Competition are the following:

  1. To support and encourage olive growers; olive oil producers; olive oil millers; traders and packers, who distribute packed branded extra virgin olive oil at the retail stage (final consumers and food service) to promote products with exquisite organoleptic characteristics (quality criterion perceived by the consumers), safeguarding and improving their quality and promoting the usage and consumption of high-quality olive oils.
  2. To inform and encourage consumers (including young consumers) and professionals using olive oil (cooking schools, chefs, food service establishments-restaurants, taverns, hotels, etc.) to recognize and appreciate, in addition to the particular and scientifically proved  healthy and nutritional value and properties, the organoleptic characteristics, namely the sensory properties (aroma-taste-harmony) of high-quality extra virgin olive oils.

You can download the Regulation of the Competition and terms of participation here